Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Inspired by the Great Gatsby

Inspired by the Great Gatsby

A trend inspired by the new adaptation of the movie 'The Great Gatsby'. 
A trend that is difficult to pull off in the 21st Century but a trend no less, celebrities are currently drawing ideas from the '20s...

why not give it a go?


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Festival looks

Festival look 1

As it is coming up to the festival season, I thought I would do a couple of looks that will give you ideas of what to wear with any type of festival whether it is in a different country or in the UK. 
This look above is perfect for English weather, i find that a good pair of wellies and a backpack is essential for the UK.
The tribal print on both the earrings and top add a kind of indie look that is different on trend.
Keep visiting our blog for more on festivals....

- Isis

Friday, 10 May 2013

Best breakfasts on the go....

Ever found you've woken up late and have no time to make breakfast?

As breakfast is the most important meal of the need a brekkie on the go!!

This is a very good thing to buy! For all Porridge lovers, you can easily put hot water in it, wait a few minutes and bring a spoon with you...don't worry you won't look stupid!! People looking at you would wish they had had your idea!!!

Bananas or Banana chips are very good for you, rich in potassium - they are the perfect hangover cure if you have one. If you are just running late, they will provide you energy until the next time you are able to eat. 

Cereal Bars are our best friends!! They are good for running late because you can just grab it and still run out of the door!!


A sexy, sophisticated look

A sexy, sophisticated look

absolutely in love with this look!! this jacket is beautiful and totally expensive!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Storage ideas....

Storage ideas for makeup!!

Makeup is so annoying sometimes, at some points I have it all scattered everywhere and others I have it so organised that I can't even access all my makeup. 

It is difficult when you are living on campus in University especially when you first move in as you don't really know what your new home for the next year will look like and you don't really know what to prepare for.

I recommend buying things as you go along, in order to get the best out of your place. 

So, I came across Ikea when I was home for christmas and may I just say, Ikea is great for students, they have so many different, inexpensive things especially for us. 

You must realise that half your makeup, you are not going to be able to take, because it just will not fit. This divider is the key to my organisation and trust me it was hard work to find something like this...

So what do you think? I managed to fit in jewellery, nail varnishes and beauty tools. Trust me, it was hard to part with the rest of my makeup but you have to.
In case you are wondering why i have thread, this is used for threading which i highly recommend.
 It does not do to have messy eyebrows lool

- Monique

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top 5 Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

What they are and how to wear them...

Fall 2013 Fashion Collections are now available, 
so its time to start thinking about what look we want to have
 and get prepared for Spring!!

1. Stripes and Checkerboard Prints


To achieve this look, wear a striped or checkered dress, if you don't want to go so bold, add an item that is stripy. 
This enables you to follow the trend but in a subtle way.

Tip: For Spring its all about combinations so for this why not try and layer stripe on stripe?  

 2. Crop tops

This new trend is a look that breaks up the outfit in the middle, shops tend to sell tops that show the above the bellybutton, so why not try it?
Bearing in mind, if you have an athletic/boyish shape, this will be perfect on you, separating your top and bottom half, creating a slight curvy shape.

Tip: For the perfect look match it with a high waisted short or skater skirt!

3. Florals
Spring is the season for florals! 
So go ahead and buy tops/dresses/bottoms with bold floral prints!

Tip: For floral addicts... try mix and match this floral look, this will give you the bold statement you may be looking for or if not, why not go full floral? 

4. Ruffles

Over-sized ruffles are this year really fashionable, they make a strong statement that enables you to stand out!

 5. White Shoes

 A Must Have for this year!!

White shoes, and especially heels are definitely THE fashion trend for 2013. With it being neutral, you can wear it with everything you like!  
PLUS it is very hard to go wrong with a beautiful pair that can last a long time.

 Tip: For a perfect look combine it with a colorful/striped or patterned look!

- Angela

A day travelling...

We have had a very late spring/summer in the UK that I have often doubted whether i would be able to go out without a jacket this year. 

Luckily, as the summer holidays approach in the UK, the sun has been shining more often which is surprisingly rare, and is making us all happy! 

However, it is clear to see that many people are not going full out with the summer clothes. Maybe because, as everyone who lives in the UK knows and has experienced,

 Not to keep your hopes up with our weather!

I have noticed a lot of colour in what people are wearing, few midriffs on show although leggings continue to be a must-have in our wardrobes this year. 
Monochrome is in this spring/summer but I have not seen many people following this trend. The people that do follow this trend are subtly wearing this but as it is only May, I have yet to see this trend in the UK. 
What are people wearing where you are? Let us know...we'd love to find out!

With summer continuing on like this, our best bet is to get the remaining trend of maxi skirts and dresses out, a pair of sunglasses and you're good to go! 

Today, it was time for me to go back to university after a long holiday at home.

I wore a pair of leggings (Zara), leather jacket (Primark), Office City Bag (Zara), top and sunglasses (Forever 21) and a pair of black flats (Primark).

What do you think of my subtle take on monochrome? bearing in mind my top has blue lines on it....

- Monique