Friday, 3 May 2013

Fashion through the ages…

We have come so far...

From the different ways we accentuated our bodies, the ways we follow the next trend and the ways that fashion has truly adapted to practicality or just all round style icons of the modern era.  

A recent visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum was so awesome that I just had to show you guys....

(This dress is in the style of French fashion, possibly 18th Century)

If you look closely at the detail of this dress, you see the extent of the embroidery and work that was put into the skirts of this dress. 
Underneath the dress, a woman would wear a wire cage that would have weighed a TON.

Just goes to show, there is no such thing of beauty without pain.

The beautiful silk is portrayed in this painting in such a way that you can see the way it sits, flowing like water on her body.

A few more pictures are displayed below....

This dress was truly beautiful, an early creation
by the designer Christian Dior completely contrasts with his designs today. 

And of course, I just had to include this, one of the many treasures that the museum holds... this necklace is such a beautiful piece that I would love to own but can you imagine the difficulty when moving your neck?

I recommend you all to visit the fashion section at the museum, it truly has some amazing finds...

Love you all,

- Monique 

All pictures used in this post are from the Victoria and Albert Museum and taken by me. 

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