Friday, 3 May 2013

Extra, Extra...Read All About It....

So.....Mila Kunis has been named sexiest woman in the world by FHM. 

FHM have done a countdown of the reasons why she is considered a number 1, jumping straight from a number 9 in 2012. 
inc. her smile, laugh, teeth, eyes...enough to make us all depressed....

Who agrees that she should have the title?
 I certainly do, she is a stunning woman, so lucky her :)

According to E News, Rihanna is placed 2nd with Michelle Keegan at 4th.
Rihanna is a beautiful girl but in my opinion, Michelle Keegan should be placed at 2nd.

And it turns out that Kaley Cuoco (Penny from The Big Bang Theory) has jumped straight in the top ten. To be honest, I'm surprised Raj didn't make it on there with his female charm... ;)

We all gotta love a bit of Big Bang.....

Meanwhile, the world goes on and I have yet to watch Iron Man 3 in the cinema, will let you know what i think of it....

Love you all,


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